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Troch-Soil and Water Conservation for Productivity and environmental Protection


Jackson-Relational database Design with microcomputer applications


Rutowski- Integrated Circuit operational Amplifiers 2/e


Wallach- Calculations and programs for Power systems Networks


M.Neil- Construction cost estimating for Project Control


Kantrowittz- Electronic Measurements


Traister- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Electronic Terms


Pirog- Energy Economics Theory and Policy


E. Lingren- Essentials of Chemistry


P. Valenzuela- Adsorption Equilibrium Data Handbook


Lundgren- Environmental Geology


Weitzman- Distributed micro minicomputer systems


Donahue- Soil- An Introduction to Soils and Plant Growth 5/e


D. Wakil- Processes and Design for Manufacturing


Young- Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary of Electronic Circuits


A.     Gupton- Computer controlled Industrial machines processes and robots


Villanucci- Electronic Techniques 3/e


H. Buchsbaum- Encyclopedia of Integrated circuits       


Y. Kain- Computer Architecture Vol. 1


Lund- Quality Assessment of printed circuit boards


Darryl- The Design and Drafting of  printed circuits


Darryl- Digital Printed circuit  design and drafting


B.     Cary- Modern Welding Technology


Richard- Machine Tool Practices


D. Allen- Domestic Electronic Fuel Injection and computer



Robert- The Prentice-Hall Standard Glossary of computer terminology


Myers- Engineering Thermodynamics


Fleeman- Electronic Devices


Van- Strategic Minerals vol.1


General- Elements of Chemistry





John Wiley & Sons


M.Stirling- The Chemistry of the Sulphonium Group Parts 1 & 2


Rodda-  Facets of Hydrology vol. 2


Swern- Bailey’s Industrial Oil and Fat Products vol.1 & 2 4/e


Applewhite- Baileys Industrial Oil and Fat products vol.3


Patai- The Chemistry of the  hydrazo azo and azoxy groups part 1


Patai- Supplement B The chemistry of acid derivatives part-2


Patai- The chemistry of amidines and imidates


Freeman- Kinetics of nonhomogeneous processes


T. Crompton- Determination of organic substances in water vol.2


D.A.Hems –Biologically active ssubstances  Exploration and Exploitation


J.N.Murrell- Properties of Liquids and Solutions


J.Scholmenich- Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence


G.S. Hammond – Advances in Photochemistry vol.2


Jorg Augustin – Methods of Vitamin Assay


J.Seidler – Principles of computer communication Network design


Wescon- Achievements and Opportunity in the Oil Industry


Kirk Othmer- Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology


Kosow- Circuit Analysis


Stafford Beer – Decision Control


R.Richterrich- Clinical Chemistry


J.M.Thomas- Characterisation of catalysts


Stevenson- Microprocessor Applications


Emile- Handbook of chemical microscopy vol.2


John- Organic Electronic Spectral Data Vol- XIII


Holland- Introduction to process Economics


Davydov- Infrared spectroscopy of adsorbed species on the surface of transition metal oxides


Kakac- handbook of single phase convective heat transfer


Scheffold- modern synthetic methods vol.3


Brookes- Fundamentals of mathematics and statistics


John- Organic Electronic Spectral Data Vol XIV


Jaroszewski- Fault and Fold Tectonics




McGraw Hill


W. Grant- Reliability Handbook


Harper- Electronic packaging and interconnection handbook


O.Kelly- Electrical machines


Joseph- Ferrite phase shifters and control devices


W Leonard- Tension Structures


F.Kreider- The Solar Heating Design process


B Seymour- Engineering polymer Source Book


M.Fuller- Engineering of pile Installations


Joseph- Synthesis of lumped element distributed and planar filters


A.Edosomwan- Productivity and quality improvement in Electronics Assembly


Brocas- The Permutational approach to dynamic stereochemistry


Giovanni- Bio Hydro metallurgy


Tuma- Handbook of structural and mechanical matrices


Rishe- Database design


Gilbert- Data communications comprehensive approach


Lee Harrison- Environmental health and safety auditing handbook


S.Jones- noise and vibration control buildings


W.Cortada- The Quality Yearbook


Bird- Design of continuous and digital electronic systems


Hamitton- Handbook of Linear Integrated Electronics for research


Croney- The Design and performance of road pavements


Carey- Organic chemistry


Elements- microprocessor support chips sourcebook


Modern plastics Encyclopaedia


Pippenger- Liner and Interface circuits applications


Markus-  Guidebook of Electronic Circuits


C.Kenneth- Rapid Electrical Estimating and pricing


British Gas- Modelling of gas-fired furnaces and boilers


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